wholesale costume jewelry .com is where to go to get all of your quality bobbles cheap and shipped to you. we have an amazing assortment of wholesale fashion jewelry as well, new and exciting styles of bracelets, necklaces and earrings. we have soccer bracelets and other sports themed jewelry and accessories for your sports team fan, and team moms.

Sampson Delton Cotten in San Antonio

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Sampson Delton Cotten in San Antonio

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What Factors Should I Consider In Making A Choice?

Over 3,110,000 web sites are listed for wholesale
costume or fashion jewelry on the internet!

Who should you buy from? What should you look for? What web sites should you stay away from? All three of these questions should be answered before you buy on the internet!

Is There Nickel Or Lead In Your Jewelry?

All Jewelry Is Lead Free And Nickel Free Where Stated, On Our Website, As Specified By The United States Federal Law Signed August 2008, And The EU (European Common Market) Law Requiring Jewelry To Be Nickel Free. Many Of The 50 State Laws Have Restrictions & Higher Fines And Penalties Than The Federal Law. We Comply With All Of Those Laws. All Jewelry Is Labeled "Lead Free", "Nickel Free", Or "Compliant".


Be Careful,
99% of people on the internet sell jewelry "with" Lead and Nickel. They are not Compliant with State, or Federal Laws and Regulations, or European Common Market Laws and Regulations. Don't get caught, the fines are very large!

Is The Lowest Price The Biggest Factor?

How Important Is Delivery?
If They Can't Ship It What Good Is A Low Price?

On One Site A Bracelet Is $1.25, On The Other Sight It Is $2.25. They Look The Same, Is It Really The Same Bracelet?

If It Is Hard To Find An Address Or Phone Number On The Web Site, Or If They Hide It On The Web Site, Or Don't Show It, Should I Buy From Them?

You should buy from someone who has been in business a long time, and that they know what to buy for your customer. Knowing what to buy is the most important factor that determines the success or failure of any company. It is to your advantage to be able to pick jewelry from a web site that has saleable jewelry, "jewelry that will sell"! What we mean is, jewelry that"your customer", would buy from you, not what you would necessarily buy for yourself, or like.

It sounds easy, but .... almost every web site is filled with pictures of jewelry
that will not sell!

There is not one of the 3,110,000 jewelry websites, that have the buying knowledge and experience that we have.

Other web sites put everything & anything on their web sites. Almost all of the so called wholesale web sites have standing orders with the factories, to take everything they manufacture, every month, so they will get good prices on what they buy. That means they take the junk jewelry, and the jewelry with bad styling, along with the good, and put it all on their web site. That helps them,...but it doesn't help you. We do not have standing orders with anyone. We design and manufacture over 50% of every item that is put on our web site. It has been looked at, and judged if it will sell, and if it has the quality we require in design, finish, and look, & what kind of customer will buy it.

If you buy from other jewelry web sites, you will have a choice to buy the good, the bad, the closeouts they bought, and the junk jewelry, on their web site. No matter how careful you are when you buy, you will buy some of all of it. So the web site that you buy from, that has the experience buyers who are knowledgable about the consumer and what they want to buy is very important!

No Other Web Site On The Internet Has The Buyers Who Have Had The Experience To Have It's Jewelry Purchased By, And Sold In Stores Like; Neiman Marcus, Macy's, Foleys, Lord & Taylor, Dillards, The Bon, Bloomingdales, Strawbridges, Robinsons, Nordstroms, Sak's Fith Ave., and at least 50 more quality department & specialty stores.(See Company History At The Bottom Of The Home Page.)

If you need help, or have questions about the products, you need to be able to talk to someone who has knowledge, who speaks English, or Spanish. Not someone who can barely speak either language. Not someone who has no knowlege of fashion, styling, design, or the manufacturing process. We have 43 years experience of being in "The Fashion Business"!

Many of the companies on the internet buy massive amounts of closeouts. The jewelry the factories could not sell. They buy last years styles, the left overs, what customers do not want, and last years fashion failures. You can not tell if you are looking at a closeout on other web sites, they do not tell you! If you see a charm bracelet with stars hanging from it, you cannot tell if it was made last month, or if the factory has been trying to get rid of it for 3 years. Many of these web sites put their losers in their "Hot Item" section to get rid of them. Beware of their "Best Sellers"We do not buy closeouts, last years fashion jewelry, or the year befores!

Be wary of jewelry, bracelets or necklaces that are $.50 to $1.50 in cost to you. This is known as Carnival Jewelry. (If it is not a closeout)Some web sites buy this type of jewelry, because it is cheap, and they can make enormous profits off of you. Some buy a bracelet for 15 cents and sell it to you for $6.00 to $9.00 a dozen (5 to 9 times their cost). If you have a booth in a Carnival or Circus, this could be good jewelry for you!

Beware of childrens jewelry that has lead in it. It is now a federal law not to sell childrens jewelry with lead in it. (As of August 2008). And the EU (European Common Market) has restrictions on "Nickel" in jewelry. In fact all the new jewelry we make does not have lead or nickel in it. Some internet sites are trying to get rid of their lead jewelry at bargin prices. Beware of who you buy from! Most do not say anything about lead or nickel. Several U.S. States and individual cities (like California, Illinois etc.) have fines up to $ 5,000.00 a day! To those selling jewelry with lead in it.

If you have a store, sell to stores, have home parties, and have a reputation for selling quality jewelry, and fashion, you need to stay away from these web sites we have described. The complaints you will get about bad plating, and flakes of gold that come off the jewelry from your customers, will make them a one time customer, they will never buy from you again.

If web sites do not give you adequate descriptions and details about their jewelry and they only give a style number and a price, you could have a problem. You do not know you what you are buying. And they are not telling you what they are selling! Are the stones plastic, or Swarovski Crystal, Cubic Zirconia, or Fine Austrian Crystal? Is it leather or plastic? How can you sell something that you don't know anything about?

Be wary of web sites that sell such items as gifts, clothing, perfumes, stationery, mirrors, luggage, shoes, and candles, all on the same web site, along with jewelry. These types of web sites cannot be experts in buying, they buy small quantities. They probably do not buy enough quantity to get a good price themselves. Because of that, they cannot offer the selection and variety of top quality fashion jewelry at wholesale, or below wholesale prices.

There are many web sites that sell at retail, but have a wholesale button where you can access wholesale information. Many times this information says you can buy it from them at half the price they show as retail, however that half price, is still double, or triple, what the items should actually cost you at distributor prices. Who you should buy from? CostumeJewelryWholesale.com And we are going to tell you why.

Look at our web site, it does not look like the others. You can easily tell the difference.

We don't buy close-outs. We don't buy last years failures. Our buyers only buy "the best of the best". Everything on our web site is new in styling, and fashion. Our buyers are good at picking up new fashion trends. That is why you will only see the latest fashion jewelry on our two web sites. That is why we can brag about our buyers, and owners, having sold in the past Department and Specialty stores we listed above. The large stores only buy from suppliers that have the type of jewelry their customers will buy, and from suppliers that have a large enough inventories on hand to ship & supply all of their stores.

We put on our web site 15 pictures of new jewelry a day. We do this with 6 highly skilled, highly educated, & traind people that work in our Graphics Art Department. We want to present to you only "the best of the best".

We employ 22 people and we do not sell candles or perfume. We sell fashion jewelry, hair jewelry, fashion watches only.

Our buyers(3)of them have almost 65 years experience buying for your customer. The head of our Export Department has been in the jewelry industry ten years. We ship to Europe, the Orient, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Middle East, and Africa. Our primary customers now are wholesalers, distributors, independent fashion boutiques, fashion retailers, home party companies, home party independents, and a variety of small independent jobbers & retailers.

At one time we had Showrooms in New York, Los Angeles Merchandise Mart, Dallas Apparel Mart, Dallas Gift Mart, Chicago Merchandise Mart, Denver Mart, and Atlanta Apparel Mart, and sold the stores listed above. We no longer have showrooms in those cities because it is a conflict with our customers, who have Showrooms or Booths at these Trade Marts, & Trade Shows.

Remember, in Quality, Fashion, and Price, we are going to give you "the best of the best".

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