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Customer Comments

"Unbelievable. Your phone lines are always busy, but when I got through, I ordered my bridesmaid and bridal jewelry on Thursday, received it Friday, for my wedding on Saturday. Thanks guys. You are great!" Courtney NYC, New York.

"Thank You, for helping us start our web site and wholesale business. Your jewelry is a powerful attraction to my web site and sells very well. The stores that I call on and sell to are surprised at the uniqueness and quality of your jewelry. My sales have been $2600. to $3900. a week. Giving me permission to use your wonderful pictures has helped tremendously on my web site, in addition to the generous advice and experience of Allan." Jim & Sandy, Indianapolis, Indiana.

"Very pleased with the many transactions I've had over the years with this company. Most pleasing is their consistency in maintaining an ez to navigate store with 1st class product pictures, quick shipping, excellent customer service and quality merchandise. Is there something beyond an Excellent rating? If so, this store deserves that rating." Maureen, Oceanside, California.

"Im very glad I found this place...Im happier than a hog in mud!" Sue, Billings, Montana

"Wow Great fashion jewelry! Fast, fast delivery!" Heather, London, England, UK

"Thank's for your fast re-supply of the Breast Cancer Shoe Charms. We had no idea we would sell out of them at the presale before the actual walk. We raised over $12,000. for Breast Cancer. We will definitely recommend you to other groups in the city, and we will use your shoe charms next year." Lisa, San Francisco, California.

"Thank you for taking my order on the phone, your phones are always busy. At 86 years old it is hard to see the keys on my computer. Your Red Hat jewelry is beautiful. Thank you Kay, you were a lot of help on the phone." Gerty, Sarasota, Florida

"Hello from Germany, we bought several times. They are excellent!! Any time you call them they are gentle and helpful. Special thanks to Cindy for your efforts and for your kindness!!" Manu, Hamberg, Germany

"Your products and service are tremendous, this has been our best fundraiser ever - thanks for your great service and products! Every aspect of working with Costume Jewelry Wholesale has been fabulous, they have great products at a great price and offer prompt and courteous service. Have recommended them to many colleagues and will continue to use their services." Vicki, St. Paul, Minnesota "

"You guys are great!!!! My school raised enough money to send our students to the circus. The autism awareness bracelets are selling like hotcakes. They literally sell themselves. Just by wearing one we get many purchases." Rochelle, White Plains, New York

"I cant say enough good things about them. They have it all together: shipping, product, customer service, etc." Linda, Atlanta, Georgia

"Every 3-4 months for the last 3 years I have ordered the latest Cowgirl / Western Fashion Jewelry for my stores from Costume Jewelry Wholesale.com, and you have never disappointed me. You have shipped quality and fashion at the right price, and I have built a clientele of Cowgirls that come from over 100 miles distance from Calgary to buy your Western jewelry. Thank you for your consistent performance in my stores." Brandy, Calgary, Canada

"Our Church Gift shop is staffed by volunteers. Thank you for your help and such beautiful inspiring jewelry." Rev. Smith, Detroit, Michigan

"Amazing prices along with beautiful merchandise and speed of light shipping. No complaints at all. I highly recommend this company."Sharon, Canoga Park, California

"I never thought that I could earn so much money selling jewelry part time." Alex, Topeka, Kansas

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