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Sampson Delton Cotten in San Antonio

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Sampson Delton Cotten in San Antonio

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<bR>                         EXCLUSIVELY OURS!!<BR>                   AN ALLAN ROBIN DESIGN!!<BR>   BUILD YOUR OWN CUSTOM BAND BRACELET<BR>                        LEAD & NICKEL FREE!!<BR>   W19202B - "BAND" LETTERS PLUS CUSTOM <Br>CHARM BRACELET FROM $8.66 TO $19.25 2011

Exclusively Ours! Lead & Nickel Free!! Stylish BAND Letters Come On A Lobster Clasp Chain, And You Can Add Any Custom Charm To The Bracelet In Place Of The Saxaphone Shown Above!! Show a Violin, Trumpet, Piano, School Mascot or Any Of The Charms Shown Below! It's Your Choice! 3" Inch Extension On Bracelet For Larger Wrists If Needed.

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Letter Charms Measure: 1/2" Instrument/Mascot Charms Measure: 3/4" on Average

Buy 1 Avg. Cost $19.25
Buy 3 Avg. Cost $17.33 Each
Buy 6 Avg. Cost $11.55 Each
Buy 12 Avg. Cost $10.97 Each
Buy 24 Avg. Cost $10.20 Each
Buy 50 Avg. Cost $9.05 Each
Buy 100 Avg. Cost $8.66 Each

Add Your Own Specific Charm For No Additional Cost!!! Scroll To The Bottom To See Views Of Charm Options!

Handmade In America

Now You Can Add One Custom Charm! Express Your Musical Talent, Appreciation, Or Instrument By Adding Your Choice Of Charm. Scroll Down To See All Of Them Below, And Choose Those That You Feel Are Appropriate To Complete The Look Of The Jewelry Pictured Above.

You Can Now Order An Assortment Of This Bracelet With Different Instruments, Or Color Paws, Or Other Options Of The Charms Pictured Below. We Will Add All The Bracelets That Say "Band" With Different Charms To A Quantity Price. For Example You Order 17 Band Bracelets With Different Charms You Will Be Charged The Twelve(12) Piece Price Of $10.97 Each. If You Buy 7 Band Bracelets You Will Be Charged The Six (6) Piece Price Of $11.55 Each.

You Will Have To Add Each Different Instrument To The Shopping Cart.


You Do Not Need To Be Concerned With The High Total. It Will Be Adjusted When We Receive Your Order. When You Submit Your Order To Our Web Site, It Does Not Immediately Charge Your Invoice. We Have To Tell It Too, And We Will Not Do That Until It Is Adjusted To The Correct Total. And That Will Not Happen Until We Are Ready To Ship. And The Correct Amount Will Show On The Invoice Sent To You By Email Before You Receive Your Package. Any Questions Whatsoever Please Call 1-800-961-2463.

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W19202BRetail Price:
Buy 1 for $38.50Wholesale Price:
Buy 1 for $19.25
Add Your Custom Charm: 
Extender $1.75 Price Is Only Available When Purchased With The Necklace Above. Retail Price:
Buy 1 for $5.00Wholesale Price:
Buy 1 for $1.75