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<BR>       WHOLESALE SOCCER TEAM SPORTS JEWELRY     <BR>                         EXCLUSIVELY OURS!!          <Br>                    AN ALLAN ROBIN DESIGN!!         <BR>                             HYPOALLERGENIC       <BR>               NICKEL, LEAD & CADMIUM FREE!          <BR>   W1807E1 - 3D SOCCER GOALIE SAVE CHARM ON       <BR> A PAIR OF SURGICAL STEEL FISH HOOK EARRINGS   <BR>                 FROM $6.23 TO $11.75 ©2016

Exclusively Ours! Hypoallergenic! Lead, Nickel & Cadmium Free!! Bright, Polished, Detailed Silver Tone 3D Soccer Goalie Save Charms, Come On A Pair Of Surgical Grade Steel Fish Hook Earrings.

Charm Size 3/4"w X 5/8"h

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W1807E1Buy 1 for $11.75<br>Buy 3 for $31.80<br>Buy 6 for $42.30<br>Buy 12 for $80.40<br>Buy 24 for $149.52


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